Sunderland Gay Men's Health Project

The project was set up in 1991 to provide counselling and support services to gay and bisexual men who have sex with other men in the City of Sunderland. Since the projects beginning, a number of action projects have been brought about in the city area.

 How Can We Help ?


Cottaging and Cruising

If you use Sunderland's cottages or cruising grounds, you may have seen GMHP stickers or safer sex materials - if you prefer to have no contact with the project, safer sex materials are left in the same places at least twice each week - help yourself. Information is available from project workers about problems with the Police and general information about cottaging and cruising, please just ask if you see us. GMHP workers always work in pairs and are clearly identified by a cream badge.


Safer Sex informationů

All of the Sunderland GMHP workers are trained in matters of sexual health. We have close contact with Sunderland Royal Hospitals Department of GU (Genito-Urinary) Medicine and can offer advice, support and counselling on sexual health matters such as HIV testing, Hepatitis and other sexually transmitted diseases. We can also provide you with FREE condoms and lube, and inform you of the options available if you decide you wold like to go for a sexual health 'check up'.


Counselling and 1-2-1 Support

Any of the GMHP workers can arrange an appointment with one of our support workers. This could be for many reasons: personal problems, such as relationships, issues around abuse or problems you have at work or in the community. GMHP counselling surgeries are generally at the Wear Body Positive Office, Tuesdays and Thursdays.


Your Empowerment

Sunderland GMHP is committed to the empowerment and equality of men who have sex with men (whether they call themselves gay, bi or straight). We can provide advice on:


    • Where to meet other men
    • Gay Social Events
    • What's happening in the Area
    • Gay/Bisexual Papers and Magazines
    • Healthier Lifestyles & Gay Pride Events


Welfare Support and Legal Advice

The project works closely with the agencies that affect our life, Sunderland Social Services, Sunderland Health Authority and Northumbria Police, a gay and bisexual friendly solicitor and welfare benefit advisors. If you want to find out more about these services please Email us or write to us at our address, which you can find in the About Us page.