Prison Support Unit

The Prison Support Unit was founded in 1991 after a need was identified to support those inmates of Her Majesty's Prisons with HIV. Since 1991 the PSU has been funded by the National Lottery Charities Board, to provide continuing support in the Northern Regional Prisons.

We provide at present quite extensive support to inmates in the following prisons.

    • HMP Frankland
    • HMP Durham
    • HMP Holme House
    • HMP Acklington
    • HMYOI Castington
    • HMYOI Deerbolt

And other Northern Prisons.


What can we do for you.


Counselling & 1-2-1 Support

The Prison Support Unit has had experience in the prison setting of providing 1-2-1 support since its' beginning. Our counsellors are all trained and can provide support in all of the following areas.

  • Hepatitis
  • Other Communicable Diseases
  • Sexuality
  • Sexual Health
  • Drugs Use
  • Male Rape
  • Female Rape
  • Sexual & Physical Abuse
  • Self Harm
  • Offending Behaviour


Pen Pal Service

Here at Wear Body Positive, we understand that serving a term of imprisonment can be a very isolating experience, especially if you have other physiological and psychological problems to deal with. It was because of this recognition that the Pen Pal Service was set up, to break up the monotony of a prison sentence and to alleviate the stress that can amount from such a sentence.

All our Pen Pals undergo a training course to better prepare them for correspendence with an inmate. This is part of the Wear Body Positive Basic HIV/AIDS Awareness Course. If you are interested in becoming part of this service Email us here at the project.



We are able to visit those with a custodial sentence who are experiencing problems dealing with any of the above areas. We accept referrals from all those listed as well as those from the inmate requesting our services



We receive referrals from various bodies including:

    • Self
    • Probation
    • Staff
    • Medical personnel
    • Family
    • Peers

All staff & volunteers are specifically trained in these areas
and are constantly updating their resources and skills.


Family Support

We can provide support to those families (Wives, Husbands, Partners, Parents, Young Adults) of those who are serving a sentence. This could be in the form of just having someone there to listen.


Health Education

Wear Body Positive provides health education to inmates and to Prison Staff on Drug Use, HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis. We are always updating our knowledge in all these areas and we have specialist staff that each deal with their own subjects.